Send products and private parcel abroad using the best collaborative transportation network

VALIOS is a worldwide community platform connecting international travelers to people wishing to receive or send products abroad. Our technology and partnerships combine to propose users a secured service based on an innovative approach.

Created by two expatriates, VALIOS was designed by an international team. We shared one conviction. The conviction that technology can change the world. That's why we worked to create a platform making easy and safe the collaborative transportation online network between our users. With VALIOS, the transport of package delivery by travelers online. Through them, expatriates or users wishing to receive or send a package abroad have the chance to ship parcels cheaper. The security of these shipments is a priority for us. Our team is dedicated to providing VALIOS' users the most reliable and professional parcel delivery companies. This quality of service have been reached by a very careful choice of the technologies and partners associated with VALIOS. More, our constant efforts to improve the reliability of our service provides you the guarantee of an incomparable experience.

VALIOS follows through with its convictions and fights for a better world. That's why we are actively working on alternative ways to reduce the Carbon Print of international parcel delivery.


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  • Send a parcel to your family abroad... Happy birthday
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  • Send official documents abroad, economical and fast... Approved
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VALIOS was created by expatriates, with a long experience of travel. The purpose of our plateform is to propose a solution to all the people living abroad because every member of our staff experienced this feeling... the feeling to be missing home.

With VALIOS, remain close of the ones you love... Anywhere in the world.