We help the international community in sending private parcels and products abroad

All over the world, and in 7 languages, VALIOS is connecting the international community to allow expatriates, travellers and professionals to reach their objectives.

The platform is for the moment exclusively available on Google Play. Shortly, an access will be available through our website and Apple store.

We work relentlessly to bring the world closer. Our services that send products abroad help travelers and professionals to avail international parcel shipment services online quickly.

Our network of agents is spread across the world and make sending private parcel across borders a hassle free process. We are putting in consistent effort to improve our services so that booking process and parcel delivery timelines are optimized. All you need to provide us is the source and destination. And we will take care of the rest

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Post your next trip or your craving on VALIOS


Connect our international community and contact the user that can help you.


Travel the world and transport parcels for VALIOS' community


Track your parcel step by step until its final destination.


Deliver the parcel and receive your payment

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Your satisfaction is our priority

Available worldwide, our agents are at your disposal to manage and answer any of your questions.

In addition of a constant support, our agents are entitled to take the fairest decisions and help you in any situation.

A system of photographies and personal codes have been implemented to secure your transactions and make sure your experience with VALIOS is great!

Any specific question?

Do you have some questions?

Yes! VALIOS is a worldwide network designed to link travellers with expatriates and users all over the world. Our system of payment and mailbox in particular have been especially adapted to easy and secure international collaboration.

Of course! On Android and soon iOS app, you only need to post your trip (departure, destination, space available...) In order to see the parcels needing a transporter. Once it's done, you are ready to see the "craving" posts corresponding to your travel. You will as well be notified if your trip is selected by another user willing to entrust you with a parcel or a command.

Absolutely! You can access the functionality "I want to send" on your dashboard of the mobile application. Only enter the source and destination and you'll find all the trips matching your research. Discuss with travellers and assign your parcel whenever you are ready. Save the caracteristics of your parcel and freeze your payment. It will be released to the traveler after the delivery.

Very easy! Only post a craving in the section I want to receive. Available on the app and the website, you only need to explain the details of your demand. You will therefore be able to select travellers heading to you. You will be notified if any traveller wish to bring you the products you are craving for. Of course, you can accept or decline every proposal.

You indeed need to secure the amount proposed for the transport of your craving on VALIOS account. This way, after you confirmed the assignment of the craving to a particular traveller, the product can be bought and transported safely. Of course, if your craving is not assign to a traveler, you are able to delete it and get back your payment anytime.

Absolutely ! The messages that you send or receive allow our services to track the transactions and make sure your experience is exceptional. In case of a dispute, our service will use the conversations, along with the pictures taken at pickup and drop-off, to take the fairest decision.

If you find yourself in such situation, our system have been designed to gather evidences and make sure the transactions are always fair. Your satisfaction will always be our priority. Send us a message through the contact section and our dispute team will investigate the problem and make sure you remain happy with your experience.

Indeed! You can and should make sure the parcel you transport is protected enough in your luggage to handle the transport. As simple than that ! It will help you to verify that the parcel and products are conform to the laws and regulations of the country through which the parcel will transit and be delivered.

Our community is growing very fast, and worldwide! That's why we are already working on the translations for the mobile application and website, to increase the number of available languages.